14 | Mar | 16

Richard Johnson


I was in Byron last week, and the waiter surprised me. Not when he said “We normally serve our burgers medium, Sir”. I’m used to that. Go to the High Street, and that’s what you expect. What surprised me was that, when I asked for my burger pink, he said “Yes”. My surprise came in the same week that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced it was consulting (again) on the service of burgers that are served pink. It’s quite the thing. After boar burgers, offal burgers and burger cartoons. In September 2015, the FSA board agreed a number of controls that food businesses serving burgers pink will need to have in place to demonstrate they’re maintaining customer safety — including sourcing the meat only from establishments that have specific controls in place; ensuring the supplier carries out appropriate testing of raw meat to check their procedures for minimising contamination are working; strict temperature controls to prevent growth of any bugs and appropriate preparation and cooking procedures; notifying their local authority burgers that aren’t thoroughly cooked are being served by the business; and providing advice to consumers, for example on menus, regarding the additional risk. The consultation on the new advice runs until Thursday, 31 March. Maybe we’re about to be treated like adults, and order our food how we want it. Halle–bloody-lujah. Emphasis on the bloody.