11 | Oct | 13

Richard Johnson

Cheese Boar-ger?

Right now, the UK has an insatiable appetite for burgers. And that doesn’t look like being satisfied any time soon — fries or no fries. So, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the latest take on the classic? The cheese boar-ger? I’ve long been a fan of wild boar, having spent a week chasing them round the French countryside. But I’m not above eating them. And this burger, from the London restaurant Olivocarne, is an Italian version of the classic made with wild boar and topped with Sardinian pecorino, bitter honey and rocket. “At Olivocarne we love to take classic meat recipes and give them a Sardinian twist” says the owner Mauro Sanna. “Our version of the American hamburger does just that. In Sardinia wild boar is frequently used in its cured form, in stews or minced for meatballs. However in the UK it remains very under-rated. We think this dish is the perfect way to introduce a new audience to its sweet, nutty and intense flavours.” The Sardinian Burger is on the menu now served with skinny chips for £16.50.