12 | Jul | 16

Richard Johnson

What A Waste

It’s the down side of running food events – the waste. But so difficult to avoid, when you’re catering for an unspecified number of people. With an unspecified appetite. So Digbeth Dining Club have had a chat with Fare Share Birmingham about running the 8th Plate project at the 2016 British Street Food Awards. Brilliant.

8th plate (so called because 1 in 8 people in the world go hungry every day) is a festival food waste project set up by NCASS, Fareshare and A Greener Festival in 2015.

It aims to collect uncooked food waste from festivals and events and redistribute them to local refuges, soup kitchens, food banks and charities. So it doesn’t end up in landfill where it will a) be wasted and b) decompose creating dangerous or climate damaging chemicals and gases.

We have worked with Wrap UK in the past, and hate the idea of any kind of waste. Obviously we are hoping that the traders will sell out this weekend. But if that‘s not the case, it would be great if the food could help someone else.