23 | May | 16

Richard Johnson

The Guest Judge

Mark Hix, Marco Pierre White, Richard Corrigan, Gizzi Erskine — they can all see that street food is where it’s happening these days. That’s why they have been delighted to help with judging the British Street Food Awards over the years. For young traders, having the stamp of approval from the food establishment (or — in the case of Yianni Papoutsis from MEATliquor and Simon Anderson from Pitt Cue — young upstarts who have gone on to become the food establishment) means a lot. So we were delighted that Rosemary Shrager joined our judging team for the British Street Food Awards 2016. She’s hugely knowledgable about food, and loves sharing her passion and excitement with the world. And she does it all without taking herself too seriously. She came along to the first heat and joined the long line of chefs and food writers we’ve managed to co-opt (including Fay Ripley, Thomasina Miers, Tom Parker Bowles and Lisa Markwell). Rosemary narrowed the 13 competitors down to just four — Happy Maki, The Mac Factory, he Breakfast Club and Cracking Nuts. What to know which one she chose in the end? Click here.