20 | Feb | 15

Richard Johnson

Divine Intervention?

Street food, with its wealth of vans, trucks and trailers, has lodged itself in the public consciousness to such an extent that a ‘mobile solution’ is now part of every savvy sort’s media plan. Pret were out and about in their Citroen H van only last week. And KFC have plans to put a few more miles on the Airstream. But most recently it’s Divine — the chocolate people — hitting the road in their lovely little Renault Estafette. There’s a whole new industry springing up of classic rentals which are being covered in branding to give companies an authentic street food feel. And why not? Divine are an ethical lot. They’re the only Fairtrade chocolate company that are also co-owned by cocoa farmers. But not too many free samples please? Street food traders have a living to make too.