05 | Nov | 14

Richard Johnson

Street Savvy

KFC caused a stir recently by buying an Airstream and using it to dole out pulled chicken on the streets of London. Just a publicity stunt, of course, but one that irritated a LOT of people in the world of street food. How dare the factory food fetishists try and pass themselves off as something that’s all hand-done and home-made? When it comes to the quality of the end product, we’re quite happy to let the market to decide. Pulled chicken by KFC will never match what’s on offer from street food specialists such as What The Dickens etc. Same as their fried chicken will never stand up against the buttermilked-best from Spit And Roast etc. But according to Propel, the food industry newsletter, it now appears that KFC want more, including the “informal and stylish” vibe that comes with street food — check out their prototype interior (above) in Bracknell. The traditional red colour of the KFC branding is used “sparingly” as an accent colour, appearing in features such as chair legs and graphics, according to Design Week. Butchers block and timber plank kitchen tables are used, as well as loose furniture, while the space is lit by low-hanging copper lighting. The design brief is inspired by “families and friends coming together around the kitchen table to share freshly made food” adding, “KFC was designed with sharing in mind”. Sound familiar? The new design also boasts a “semi open-plan kitchen” which means that for the first time diners will be able to see their food being prepared. Clearly those days on the streets of London have had an effect….