13 | Oct | 14

Richard Johnson

Residents Committee

This is the time of year we dream about eating hocks of ham, pies and long wreaths of sausages. But we dream of doing that inside, curled up by the fire — not out on the street. That’s changing, gradually, because of the creative use of outside space, with braziers, rugs and patio heaters. And the reconfiguration of inside space to allow traders into the warm. But one solution for traders is a pub residency. It still seems to predominantly be a London thing, but not for long

Le Bun are about to open at the Three Compasses in Dalston. The Bowler is booked into the Horse and Groom in Shoreditch until 2015. Donostia are at the King & Co pub in Clapham. That means an extensive range of pintxos and tapas as well as Basque-inspired brunch on Saturdays and sharing roasts on Sundays. And then there’s OFM, with their Market House set-up in Brixton. Alongside their burgers, the gents are introducing classic British canteen dishes with quality ingredients and a good format and flavour twist – wild game, seasonal veg, slow cooked meats and under-used cuts all making an appearance. Table for one!

The latest to take up a residency is Dogtown London. James Tabor — who likes to bill himself as The Dogfather when noone’s looking — has finally got round to setting up ‘Hotdog HQ’. Say hello to The Social in Fitzrovia. They have a loyal crowd who come for music nights in the basement (such as Yacht Rock, Heavenly Social and the phenomenal Hip-Hop Karaoke). But there’s also a thriving day-time crowd who know that the crew from Sussed IT will fix their tech while they drink excellent coffee from Tim Burgess’ “Tim Peaks”. For those of you not in the know, 2014 marks the Social’s 15th birthday. And The Dogfather’s 40th birthday. Take this as an invite. Should be a night to remember/forget.

Tuesday 21st October : The Dogtown Total Takedown.

Dogtown will be taking over the whole of The Social for an evening of wiener-related fun.

There will be cocktails & craft beers served by the Social’s lovely bartenders and wines to try from “The Wiener Winery”.

Taste Cajun fish balls from Hank’s Po’boys, sweet doughnuts from “You doughnut” and more hotdogs than you could ever imagine existed.

Heavenly DJ’s will be playing upstairs and they’ve got some very special entertainment downstairs: firstly a live set from Wild Smiles then they’re handing over to Mike from House of Hot Breath. Email James now at [email protected]. It will be ten kinds of awesome.