22 | Sep | 14

Richard Johnson

Drink With Yianni

Come and see the co-founder of MEATliquor — and the godfather of the street food revolution — in conversation this weekend. With you. On Saturday and Sunday, at the British Street Food Awards in Leeds, you can ask Yianni Papoutsis anything you like, but you’ll have to let him buy you a drink first. That’s the deal. A cocktail of his choice, shaken by his own personal bartender. Nice. Might be a habanero martini. Might be a pickleback. Might be warm milk and cinnamon. But that last one? Less likely. Yianni is also one of the judges at this year’s Awards — the biggest street food party in the world over at www.fortheloveoffood.co — so it might be best if he gets his judging done in the morning.

Yianni has just opened MEATliquor in Leeds, so wants to bring the full-on party. There will be LIVE broadcasts from MEATtransmission over the weekend. So no Coldplay, no Bieber, no Hippies. Plus Naughty Boy will be cooking his shepherds pie. Surreal but true. Before we let him DJ. And we’re introducing the world to street food crazy golf, and Queue-aoke. The geniuses at The House of Hot Breath have combined two of the UK’s most beloved pastimes — embarrassing behaviour and standing in line — into the ultimate weapon against queueing boredom: Queue-aoke! Armed with a microphone, a battery powered amp and an ipad on a gold chain, Mike Hot Breath and his one-man karaoke bar will be literally making you sing for your supper as you wait for your food. With Queue-aoke, standing in line has never been so much fun! Full list of the weekend’s events here.