24 | Feb | 14

Richard Johnson

You Lift Me Up

They had to take out its engine. And cut it about a bit. But they got it in. At 4am this morning, while you were asleep, the MEATwagon (and it’s day release team) were lifted — wholesale — onto the first floor of Trinity Kitchen in Leeds for a five-week residency with a gut-wrenchingly good lineup of  Harajuku Kitchen, Dorshi, Love Rouge Bakery and Cafe Moor. That’s traders converging on the mighty Leeds from Edinburgh, London and Dorset. Oh, and Headingley. But traffic on the A660 can get really heavy. Serving flavours from all over the world. A menu of prime gyoza, hot chocolate, udon noodles, turnip cake, and the finest Moorish food outside North Africa. As well as Dead Hippies and an impacted colon from the MEATwagon — Yianni and Scott are as healthy as ever. Avoid the queues — come now. A second visit might be in order.