18 | Jun | 14

Richard Johnson

Wheels On Fire

Jamie Oliver has always loved the idea of food trucks. It’s just one of the reasons why he lent us his cobbles for the British Street Food Awards back in 2012. He has his own pizza van (the Cock In Cider….say no more), and various vehicles parked up around the place that are always, somehow, in the process of conversion. So when he was looking for a be-spoke mobile event catering vehicle for Barbecoa, his high-end barbecue style restaurant in London, he was bound to do it right. He’s gone for an iconic 1972 GMC Value Van with full catering kitchen. The conversion and fit out involved extensive work including a roof extension, the fabrication of rear bumper and gas bottle cupboards, creation of a side serving hatch and a complete bodywork strip back and repair. The engineers also installed a side wind-out awning with Barbecoa branding, to provide variable footprint options when on site at different sized events. Jamie knows — your flash is your cash.