06 | Jun | 14

Richard Johnson


I won! I won! I won! Well, alright, WE won….it was one of the highlights of my career when, last night, Dan Saladino (left) and I came away with the Guild of Food Writers Award for Food and Travel for our Food Programme on US Southern Cooking. Tim Hayward suggested that my twitter campaign earlier in the week (where I swore blind I would never win) had just been a ploy to curry favour. Which it was. But clearly Tim wasn’t expecting to win either, wearing a shirt like that. When I got up to accept my Award I was so choked up with the honour of it all that the very funny (bloody HILARIOUS actually) speech I had planned went out the window. So thank you once again to the Guild, Dan, Sheila and The Food Programme for all your help and support. I had an evening I’ll never forget with so many friends. And, for future reference, I would like to point out that my enjoyment of the hospitality of the sponsor (New Horizon Wines) was just me being professional. Here is the list of all the winners here.