04 | Jun | 14

Richard Johnson

What A Loser

I typed ‘loss and the feeling of losing’ into Google. Google came back with ‘The feeling of losing weight’, and ‘The feeling of losing a mother’, but nothing that came close to the ‘The feeling of losing out when you come home empty handed from the Guild of Food Writers Awards’. It happened two years ago, when my book Street Food Revolution got shortlisted. Now they’re doing it to me again. Building me up, just to knock me down (steal my wife and I’ll write you a country and western song) by shortlisting an edition of the BBC’s Food Programme on Southern Cooking that I made with the marvellous Dan Saladino. I’m up against the brilliant Kevin Gould, who writes beautifully, and the beautiful Wendell Steavenson who writes brilliantly. I will try and tweet the results after the announcement on Thursday night, but (as I remember last time) tears + iPhone numerical keyboard = bad times.