24 | Mar | 14

Richard Johnson

Elemental Food

Just in case I forgot about Cafe Mor — the driftwood beach shack from the shores of wild west Wales — I got a special delivery in the post today. The pioneers of all things sea and seashore are one of three finalists in the BBC’s Food and Farming Awards. As I’m one of the judges, along with the magnificent Tim Hayward, the charming Jonathan Williams decided to remind me of Cafe Mor’s virtues with a food parcel including (of all things) water, air and sand. All from the great dunes of Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire. It came with a small quote from Dylan Thomas.

“I was a stranger to the sea town, fresh or stale from the city where I worked for my bread and butter wishing it were laver-bread and country salty butter yolk-yellow”

We love Cafe Mor at British Street Food. Read this. But will their seafood on the wild side beat the Szechuan alchemy of Chilli Daddy? Or the burger genius of Tongue N Cheek? Our decision will be announced in Bristol on May 1.