25 | May | 12

Richard Johnson

Olympic Gold

“The British Street Food Awards Changed My Life” – it sounds like a Hollywood B movie. A brilliant Hollywood B movie, but you hear what we’re saying. However, the story of Jonathan Williams and his beloved Café Mor certainly has the high drama.

“Last year we were a one-man company from West Wales” he says. “Now look at us”. Since winning Best of the Best, Williams has taken up with M&S, the Olympics, and a team of private investors. “We’ve certainly done okay” he says.

Williams remains as modest as ever. “A year ago, we’d done well if we sold 300 wraps a day”. But at the Olympics he’ll be selling close to 70,000. He’s gone from his Mum’s kitchen to a factory  – everything is on a completely different scale now. Allegedly, he’ll set up the original Café Mor shack in the Olympic Village, and situate five new shacks with different themes round the Park.

As if he didn’t have enough to cope with, Williams is due to become a father on June 23. And he’s preparing to bring Café Mor back to defend the title at the 2012 British Street Food Awards in September. “My dream is to have a permanent café next to the beach – with four or five tables – and take the shack to our favourite festivals. Where are the British Street Food Awards in 2013?”