27 | Mar | 14

Richard Johnson

Cream Of The Crop

Everyone loves ice cream. It’s the people’s dessert. We love it at British Street Food, which is why two past winners of the British Street Food Awards made the stuff. Here. And here. Because everyone loves it, ice cream can change the world. I remember hearing about Blue Marble – an organic dairy in New York – who wanted to spread the love by creating a sustainable ice cream parlour in Rwanda. It sounded mad – Rwandans worry about survival, HIV, and the traumas of genocide. But when one passionate Rwandan asked Alexis and Jennie, the co-owners of Brooklyn’s Blue Marble Ice Cream, to come and build an ice cream parlour as a safe community space, how could they refuse? The Rwandan woman explained that, while conventional development initiatives are vital to Rwanda’s physical wellbeing, there remains a need for efforts that boost the spirit of its people. Just as much as they need nutritious food and clean water, Rwandans need joy. And what better way than ice cream? It was a struggle. But they did it. In 2010 they opened Rwanda’s first ice cream parlour. And while we’re on the subject of creating joy, have a look at the world’s COOLEST ice cream shop. The ice cream has eyes. For once, the indoor creatives seem to have the upper hand. Not for long!