05 | Dec | 13

Richard Johnson

An Appetite For Song

Charley Marcuse (above) is know as the Singing Hot Dog Man. Maybe that should read “was”, because Charley just got fired. Surprisingly, it’s got nothing to do with his singing. The real reason, if you ask around the Detroit Tigers ballpark, was ketchup — or Marcuse’s disdain for it. Marcuse has been a strong crusader for mustard on a frank. And some fans thought he got combative when they asked for anything else.  When asked whether condiments were the only reason for his dismissal, Marcuse was vague.

He certainly doesn’t hide his allegiance to mustard. It’s an old baseball tradition. He’s even parlayed his fame into his own line, Charley’s Ballpark Mustard, sold by many of the Detroit area grocers. “Kids come up to me,” said Marcuse, “and say, ‘Hey, 10 years ago you taught me to just put mustard on a hot dog.’” The hot dog business is struggling to get good PR right now. Have a look at this. And the Marcuse case won’t help. This is a sad day for the frank, ladies and gentlemen….and a sad day for America.