Bumper Bar and Kitchens

Bumper Bar + Kitchens is an authentic, new indoor street food experience that recruits a changing roster of traders from the biggest street food competition in the world and parks them up – every season – in the coolest, architect-designed retail spaces across the globe.

Our Five-Point Process

1. Find the right locations. Outside London. Student towns/cities with an appreciation of independent culture. We look for artisan coffee shops, a brewing/baking culture and (really) male grooming set-ups.

2. Develop the look. This will be modular, and adaptable. Based around hand-built wooden units and lightboxes. The new logo will be rooted in British Street Food and our Awards. We’ve been here 10 years – that gives us official OG status.

3. Find traders. We run the biggest street food competition on the world – across the UK, Europe and the US, so we know the talent. We have the UK’s 1,200 best traders on our app, with a database of over 3,000. Think local, but don’t rule out interesting concepts looking to expand. And chains who want in (like Pho and Tortilla, who really ‘got’ Trinity Kitchen in the beginning).

4. Run the show. Supervise the load-in/load-out every 12 weeks, liaise with in-house teams about electrics, extraction, gas, water etc. Check paperwork, insurance etc. Walk the shop floor to test food quality and look.

5. Move successful traders into permanent spots. That way we own the whole ‘process’, from spotting the talent on the streets, raising it indoors and gravitating it into our bricks and mortar. We are an incubator for new talent.

We have started talking to sites. To register your interest NOW please contact me immediately at [email protected]