28 | Aug | 22

Richard Johnson

Kings Of The North

Welcome to the neighbourhood! We were made to feel right at home at Circle Square in Manchester – a proper oasis of calm during Pride Weekend for the northern heats of the 2022 British Street Food Awards. Hosted by our old friends at Grub, the best 11 traders in the North (see the full lineup below) brought their A game. Our amazing judging panel (see below) chose Mr Murray’s Scotch Eggs as winners, with Unagi as the People’s Choice. Both now go to the 2022 British Street Food Awards finals in London – and, just maybe, the 2022 European Street Food Awards finals in Munich.

Judges’ Choice:

1. Mr Murray’s Scotch Eggs

2. Porco

3. Posh Street Food


People’s Choice:

1. Unagi

2. Archchi’s

3. Pellizco

4. Porco

The judging panel certainly knew their onions. Adam Reid – two-time winner of tv’s Great British Menu – isn’t just about the silver cutlery and the ironed napery he puts on the table at The French. In fact, he’s just opened a butty shop at New Century. So he gets the street food aesthetic. He already wants Mr Murray’s Scotch eggs in his shop. Claire Kelsey, a previous BSFA grand champion, now has the Ginger’s Comfort Emporium wholesale operation – plus an ice cream outlet at Afflecks. They were  joined by Andrew Nutter, another local legend, who learnt his cheffing at the Savoy before opening Nutters in Rochdale, and the internet sensation Danny Malin, who has just got back from the US making viral videos for his Rate My Takeaway channel. Quality – top to bottom.

The judges worked their way through two dishes entered by each finalist. But, by the end, they were unanimous in their choice of Champion. “Which dish would I 100% definitely finish off?” asked Danny. “Mr Murrays Scotch Eggs” was his answer. And he was as good as his word. The judges loved the properly Northern quality to James’ dish. The parched peas, which are a Lancashire staple on Firework Night, and the Bury black pudding that wrapped around the eggs with the beautiful runny yolks. “More innovative than anything I’ve eaten today” said Adam. But it was a close run thing. There was the classic dosa from Delicacy of South Asia. “And Archichi’s looked so lovely – and so fresh and healthy” said Claire.

The paella from Kara’s Kitchen? “Great garnish” said Andrew. “And just the right amount of charring on the prawns” added Danny. Who then bit into the V8 burger from Porco. “Wow” he said. “Next level cooking” said Andrew. The tacos from Pellizco were “the best I’ve had all day” said Adam. “Although that beef was lovely too” said Danny of Ted’s Tacos. Andrew called the Wagyu beef steak and ale pie from Shoot the Bull “exceptional”. And the Unagi bang bang wings were “so succulent” said Claire, who doesn’t normally order chicken. “Plus the skin was great.” All was finished off by a baked potato – made from cake – by Skullduggery Desserts. “Her work was astounding” said Claire, who joined the judges in recommending Steph be awarded a Wild Card to the British Street Food Awards final.

These were the dishes entered in 2022:

Posh Street Food

Trilogy Of Mini Kebabs, with crispy tandoori chicken, belly pork and short rib.

Mini short rib burger with bbq gravy


V8 Burger

Seared Pork Belly Rib with pickled Daikon and Korean BBQ Glaze.

Kara’s Kitchen

Paella with chorizo hash

Patatas bravas


Masa Fried Chicken tacos – gochujang & chamoy glaze, kimchi mexicana, sesame & koji mayonnaise, pickled mooli

Elote – charred English corn on the cob, lacto fermented plum & ancho glaze, pecorino, chilli & lime powder, coal oil

Shoot The Bull

Wagyu beef steak and ale pie

Wagyu steak frites

Mr Murray’s

Bury black pudding scotch egg. Served with Mr Murray’s home made apple and ale chutney.

Chilli cheese Welsh rarebit scotch egg. This is a vegetarian scotch egg with an added punch of chilli, Henderson’s relish & mustard. Served with Mr Murray’s homemade habanero chilli jam.

Ted’s Tacos

Slow cooked chipotle bbq beef brisket taco, red salsa, red cabbage, pink onions, sour cream, hot sauce.

Ribeye steak taco, sweetcorn salsa, pink onions sour cream and fresh lime.


Classic dosa with homemade chutneys

Signature short eats


Bang bang wings

Mushu special roll


Under The Sea

Baked Potato


Traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry bowl. Chicken curry, cauliflower and cashew curry, beetroot curry, dhaal with spinach, rice, parsley sambol and pol (coconut) roti.

Fish cutlets, cauliflower bites and devilled potato