12 | Aug | 22

Richard Johnson

We Need You!

Want to get started in street food? Or stay ahead – in such a competitive market? We can try to help. As part of the 2022 British Street Food Awards grand final – where you’ll be able to get up-close and personal with the 12 best traders in the UK – we’re hosting a killer one-hour seminar that will rush you through everything (well, almost everything) you need to know. From what menu you should run, to what paperwork you’ll need to fill out, and what van you should (or shouldn’t) buy. Answering your questions will be Mark Laurie, director of NCASS, the street food industry’s professional association; Abiye Cole, street food OG and the founder of Big Apple Hot Dogs; Olivia Reid, group food director  of the food hall startup Sessions (check them out here)  who are sponsors of our Future Food Legend award; and Richard Johnson,the founder of British, European and USA Street Food Awards. For details of the 2022 British Street Food Awards grand final, visit here.