19 | Jul | 22

Richard Johnson

Deck The Halls

Food halls make SO much sense. Why would you commit to a night out at a restaurant, with a narrow-focus menu, when you and your friends can eat your way round a host of unique and independent street food traders in the one location? Food halls are like food courts of old, but without the Burger King. Or the vinyl tabletops. Good food halls are bold, well-dressed, and indicative of the new confidence in British food. Some of them are filled with the new food heroes that work the street – the sort of trader that compete in the British Street Food Awards. Some of them are filled with brands that have been dreamt up in board meetings to LOOK that way. But who does it best? As part of the 2022 British Street Food Awards, hosted by Food Mutiny, we are introducing our first ever Award for Best Food Hall. We’ve taken your nominations on Instagram and Facebook, and turned them into the long list below. In true X factor tradition, we’ll turn the long list into a short list on Monday, ready to announce the winner at the grand finals of the British Street Food Awards in September. Check out the voting link here. Select your favourite, and press send. Stay tuned….