28 | Jun | 22

Richard Johnson

In It To Win It

Are you doing anything – that’s A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G – to make a difference to our planet? Are you being more sustainable? Sustainability isn’t just about food waste you know – the Sustainable Restaurant Association are interested in everything from your sourcing policy, to your involvement with your community (find more here). So could you be up for our Sustainability Award this year?

“We were so chuffed” says Nat from Grounded Mcr, who won the Award last year. “We try hard to be as sustainability-focused as possible and not just when it comes to environmental policy. The Award win helped us secure more event pitches, started many important conversations, increased our social media following and helped us stand out in a crowded market space. It’s also contributed to us winning grants. But the bit I’m most proud of is that it’s helped keep our staff turnover this year at zero…keeping us all accountable to the Award win definitely helped.”

Any thoughts of sustainability over the last two years have probably been about sustaining yourself, your family and your livelihood. But we’ve all got a chance to make small decisions with big impact. Have you returned to service without those plastic straws? Relaunched with a new sustainable supplier, or with your most veg-led menu yet? Maybe you used lock-down to build an on-the-road-food-composter?

Maybe you are delivering left over food to your community? Then let us know! Follow this link and tell us WHY we should put you on the shortlist. What have you done that sets you apart? Once again we’re working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, who will be running the application process and compiling our shortlist. Then together we’ll decide on our winner in time for the finals of the 2022 British Street Food Awards in September.

We’ve had some great winners since we introduced the Award. There was ArtiSam, with a menu that’s always free range, and a commitment to reuse and upcycle, with NO single use plastics. Honest Edibles took the Award by growing veg from composted food waste using permaculture principles and offering a plant-based menu that changes seasonally – carefully sourcing ingredients that are locally abundant and organically grown. And last year we had Grounded MCR, selling specialty coffee from a trike staffed by anxiety sufferers. Could it be YOUR name on the trophy this year?