04 | May | 22

Richard Johnson

Judge And Jury

Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change. I read that on a t-shirt yesterday. And it made me think. Our voting system (which is a rather grand way of describing the good-natured horse trading that goes on between our judges at the British Street Food Awards, European Street Food Awards and USA Street Food Awards) needs to change.
After a conversation over coffee with the amazing Riikka – from Campfire Finland who are hosting the 2022 Finnish Street Food Awards – we are changing our judging criteria. Up until now we’ve talked our way through each dish, coming to a decision by consensus. But that doesn’t seem adequate any more. It doesn’t best serve the interests of the traders. So….
This year, in a spirit of transparency, we will be scoring finalists like this:
Appearance: Before eating – presentation. MARK OUT OF 20
Taste: Flavour, strength and balance of ingredients. Mouthfeel. Aftertaste. MARK OUT OF 80
We will also mark the following criteria OUT OF 10 and, if there’s a draw, choose the winner that way: originality, aroma, quality of ingredients, seasoning, memorableness and texture.
The judges will also be invited to write any comments on the voting forms. These Awards are important, life-changing stuff, and finalists always want to learn from the feedback. Let’s see….