05 | Mar | 22

Richard Johnson

Fires Burning Bright….

We’re about to announce the list of countries taking part in the 2022 European Street Food Awards. But, with the continent being ravaged by war, there are other more pressing matters for us all to consider. Our thoughts right now are with the people of Ukraine, and the catastrophe that’s unravelling in their country. But we’re also thinking of peace-loving people in Russia and Belarus, who don’t want this war waged in their name. All three countries were scheduled to compete in the 2022 ESFA – Belarus for the very first time.

“In these very tough days all we pray is to stop that war between our neighbouring countries and to make peace” says Egor Rytvinski, CEO and founder at the inspirational Vulitsa Ezha. “We and all our partners paused all activities and preparations till the situation becomes clear. Many international brands paused or cancelled their activities in Russia because of the sanctions, and they might also do that in our country. So I ask you to give us more time to figure it out. I will try to get back to you as soon as we understand whether it is possible for us to hold the events this summer.”