21 | Jul | 21

Richard Johnson

First Ladies of ‘Cue

We love Sam and Shauna. Ever since we first met them – back in 2015 it was – where they were trading with Street Food Circus in Cardiff. Their six-month road trip across the US to discover the secrets of American barbecue, eating at every BBQ joint they could afford, was clearly paying dividends, and they had just picked up the coveted ‘Best Street Food’ Award at the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards. They were about to go Big Time.

In 2016 they went legit. Situated in a lovingly restored Grade II Victorian Pumphouse in the historic heart of Barry Docks, their Hang Fire Southern Kitchen was the result of not giving up on your dream to do your own thing. “Our vision was to run a small restaurant that relied solely on fresh, ethical produce – far away from the congested chain-led culinary landscape” they said. It’s fair to say they have managed.

This year – August 6-8 at Cardiff’s Roath Yard with Street Food Circus – will be the third Welsh Street Food Awards they have judged. Check out the event here. As with all our judges, they do it for love, not money, and they’re happy to get stuck in. They will roll up their sleeves and help on the grill if asked – although technically that would constitute cheating. And because they are street food traders at heart, they know not to stand on ceremony. Roll on Cardiff.