17 | Feb | 20

Richard Johnson

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Street food is everywhere.

On the roof. Under the arches. In the shopping centre. And our appetite for it just keeps on growing.

It makes sense that we would want to discover the BEST stuff.

Which is why the British Street Food Awards supported by Hellman’s has never been more important – finding the future.

After ten years of hunting down the best that’s out there, British Street Food have a habit of blazing trails and breaking talent. Check this out.

We’ve got VERY exciting overseas plans to announce soon, but the British Street Food Awards supported by Hellmann’s will always be the foundation of everything we do. Recognition from the biggest street food competition in the world (FYI we now run the European Street Food Awards across 15 countries, and are setting our sights firmly on the USA) opens doors….so every top-drawer trader should apply. It’s a chance to trade, make money, hoover up the PR and earn official plaudits from our team of Michelin-star chefs, journalists and celebrities along the way.

If you win at your heat (there is a people’s vote and a judges’ vote, plus wild cards for traders we think that deserve them) you will go straight through to the London finals on September 11/12. So make sure you’re available. AND, make sure the staff are free for the European finals at the beginning of October. To apply, choose one or two of the heats below where you want to compete and send the best pics you’ve got, with a few paragraphs on who you are, what you do, when/where you do it and why, with some anecdotes, to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there….DEADLINE March 1.

Scottish Street Food Awards (the West heats)10/11 April – Platform, Glasgow

British Street Food Awards (South West heats)18/19 April – Clarks Village in Street, Somerset

Scottish Street Food Awards (the East heats)8/9 May – The Pitt, Edinburgh

Scottish Street Food Awards (the Final)10 May – The Pitt, Edinburgh

British Street Food Awards (South heat)23/24/25 May – Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

British Street Food Awards (Northern heat)5/6 June – Hull

Welsh Street Food Awards (the Final)13/14 June – Monmouthshire

British Street Food Awards (Central heat)26/27 June – Street Food Club in Nottingham

British Street Food Awards (the final)September 11/12

European Street Food Awards
Early October

The 2019 European Street Food Awards were, quite simply, a triumph of the human spirit. After a summer of national European Street Food finals (including heats in Russia, Iceland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Georgia, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and Britain), the democratically-elected top traders from all across the continent travelled thousand of kilometres by air, land and sea to compete in Sweden. Yes, there were breakdowns on the way, run-ins with the police over broken tail-lights, a lost passport or two and a dropped phone — but it was worth the effort. The 2020 ESFA will be even more glorious. And the journey starts right here….