26 | Jun | 19

Richard Johnson

Waste Not, Want Not…

We are VERY proud of ourselves. Why?

1. We are ten years old – the BSFA started in Ludlow back in 2010.

2. We still look pretty good, considering. We’re now set up all across Europe, with the European Street Food Awards. Roll on the 2019 finals in Malmo, with more than FIFTEEN national champions!

3. We have spent ten years finding the best food that’s out there. NOW we need to make sure that the food, and the way its produced, is sustainable. The 2019 British Street Food Awards supported by Hellmann’s will celebrate its big birthday in style, hosting the most sustainable BSFA ever with traders raising the bar in terms of ingredients and packaging PLUS a zero-waste final.

This year will see a new Award for the Most Sustainable trader, sponsored by Hellmann’s, with the winner selected by a panel of judges drawn from a shortlist of the highest scoring traders in a survey audited by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Involving industry leaders the the Sustainable Restaurant Association means that we are SERIOUS. And everyone is stepping up.

This is a call for applications. Follow this link NOW, and (by August 20) tell us WHY we should put you on the shortlist. We’ve already heard about traders doing some amazing things. Above and beyond recycled/recyclable plates and cutlery. The edible bowls being used by Dolly (above) look AND taste good. Assembelly are out there recycling their used cooking oil and making their own high-end stock out of offcuts and leftovers. And ArtiSam’s local and seasonal menu is a real inspiration. “People on the street” says Helena from ArtiSam, “need the choice to go free range; the choice to go plastic free, and handmade, and honest; the choice to pick delicious, nutritious food that considers point of origin ahead of making a quick buck.”

Hellmann’s and British Street Food are also working together in 2019 and 2020 to reduce food waste, and are joining our heat organisers, along with NCASS and Eighth Plate, in ensuring that it happens. At Bustler Market in Derby, Eighth Plate and their ambassadors salvaged 30kgs of bread – 20kgs of brioche sliders and 10.4kg of tortilla wraps – for local food charities. The same at Portsmouth and Edinburgh. Our aim is to ensure any leftover food gets eaten, making it a truly zero food waste event.

I hate waste. Ask my children. I was a spokesperson for Wrap, and their Love Food, Hate Waste campaign. I worked with chefs and got their recipes for using leftovers. So I’m delighted to announce that we’ve got something rather special planned for you at the finals. More of that this summer. And in Europe too, where we’re partnering up with people who really GET what we’re trying to do – learn how to tread lightly on this earth.