20 | Jun | 19

Hugh Thomas

Meat The Future?

Is veganism taking over? Are our streets safe? With Flats, Doner Summer and Faceplant already tearing up the 2019 British Street Awards supported by Hellmann’s with their plant-based menus, and the rest of Europe following suit, is meat, like, really ‘over’? Ever since the Hungry Gecko made the 2012 BSFA finals, with their vegan menu, we knew something was in the air. Since then the scene has mushroomed. Mushroomed! There’s so much out there nowadays….Greedy Khao. Killer Tomato. Club Mexicana. What the Fattoush? Rainforest Creations. What The Pitta? Feral Food Store. And many more, with even meat-based traders seeing fit to offer one or two vegan options.

Richard Johnson, award-winning food journalist and the founder of the BSFA, who chose a bullock for slaughter in the BBC series Full On Food and then shone a light on the UK’s abbatoirs in Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, was invited in to TalkRadio for Meat Free Week. His conclusion? Meat is here to stay. But we should use this new interest in a meat-free future to reform our agriculture and animal welfare practices once and for all….listen to him chat with the brilliant James Max here.