04 | Apr | 19

Richard Johnson

Snow, Ice and Street Food

We’ve had a ridiculous amount of interest from European countries wanting to host their own national Street Food Awards. Malta were nearly at the signing stage, but then they looked at the number of ferries they would need to catch to reach the finals in Sweden by September and gave up on the idea. Switzerland were pretty neutral about the whole thing. But the Icelanders were totally up for it. Richard Johnson, the founder of the European Street Food Awards, fell in love with the place when he made a documentary for the BBC about the country’s food culture — he knew that the people would take street food to their heart. And, ten years on, Iceland has officially been hit with the street food bug!  Last year saw the opening of two new food halls with a strong street food game – Hlemmur Mathöll and Grandi Mathöll. And Reykjavik Street Food presented their first open air container city in Reykjavik. It’s all going off. Restaurants are also starting to focus on bringing street food indoors.  Check out:

Le Kock Street Food – https://www.lekock.is/

Lamb Street Food – https://www.lambstreetfood.is/menu-2/

Icelandic Street Food – https://www.icelandicstreetfood.com/

The first ever Icelandic Street Food Awards, hosted by Reykjavik Street Food, will take place this summer at the amazing old harbour in Reykjavik. With the champions sailing off to Malmo in Sweden to compete at the European Street Food Awards finals. Check out details on the 2019 Awards calendar over here. C-A-N-N-O-T   W-A-I-T.