20 | Apr | 19

Richard Johnson

Don’t Judge Me

It takes a particular type of person to judge the British Street Food Awards supported by Hellmann’s. For a start, it helps to be hungry. With at least 20 plates of food to taste (rising to 34 plates at the final), BSFA judges requires a certain dedication.

But the job also requires a critical distance – that ability to judge a burger as even-handedly as bibimbap. With Jon Marsden-Jones, head chef at the Michelin-starred Black Rat restaurant in Winchester, and Tania Pilcher, the instagram food sensation, we think we’ve got the dream team.

At least Jon knows what he’s getting in to. He’s an old friend of the British Street Food Awards, having judged the Portsmouth heats (with his lovely family) last year – he had so much fun that he even bowled up to the finals in London.

Tania Pilcher is Fit Foodie Nutter on instagram – a self-taught cook and fitness enthusiast, who settled in the region 11 years ago, and loves to share her quick yet healthy recipes on her social media channels. So what is she most excited to try at the 2019 BSFA sponsored by Hellmann’s?

“I’m just hugely honoured to be on the judging panel” she says. “Street food festivals are such a great and exciting way to discover new foods and flavours, try innovative recipes, meet adventurous chefs and like-minded foodies. And best of all – good food brings people together.”

She will be sat alongside Jon, who went from pub chef to Michelin star Head Chef in just over six years – a man who loves to forage, and work his magic with offal – and Richard Johnson, founder of the Awards in Britain and Europe. This should be interesting!