22 | Nov | 18

Richard Johnson

KERB Come Indoors

It’s an artist’s impression. The reality, of course, will be a heck of a lot busier – and heaps more fun – when KERB open up their first indoor premises in London’s Covent Garden next summer. The 22,000 sq-ft ‘Seven Dials Market’ will include 20+ traders, and a learning space with regular workshops hosted by London’s food entrepreneurs for the local community. It’s a canny move. With London reaching Peak Restaurant, and casual dining and pubs both seeing a fall in spend, community-based food and drink schemes are really taking off. Market Hall Fulham and Victorian are already open, but their West End site opens in 2019, with big things planned for outside London. It’s clearly not just about the food any more. As British Street Food show in Trinity Kitchen, it’s all about the experience. Like JLL research said, in their Property Predictions at the start of the year: ‘Retail isn’t dead — boring retail is.’