30 | Apr | 18

Richard Johnson

What Everybody Needs To Know This Summer

Right. So let’s imagine you’re going to the British Street Food Awards this summer. Have you decided on which heat yet? Choose from these. Then register for the app. In the Awards section of the app, you’ll see the list of traders competing in the next heat. The power is in your hands. You’ll also be given a paper vote, as you arrive on site, to pop into the ballot box of your favourite trader (in case you don’t have the app or good 4G). This is DOUBLE DEMOCRACY, people.

Make sure to try EVERYTHING before you vote. We know there are a lot of traders to get round. And a lot of food. That’s why we came up with the idea of The Mad Minute. We don’t want you to order a big pizza at the first finalist, get stuffed and go home. We want you to try foods you’ve maybe not tried before, and be truly informed when you cast your vote. So when you hear the air horn, the traders will offer up tiny samples of food. For one minute. That’s 60 seconds. So run. Be quick. The samples aren’t designed to sustain you. Sorry. They are tasters. But go crazy. It’s an important principle at stake — the world’s most democratic street food shindig just got even MORE democratic.