21 | Mar | 18

Richard Johnson

A Food Truck – That Isn’t Actually A Truck???

Seriously. ClusterTruck, who advertise themselves with a picture of a truck, are actually a new delivery-only restaurant serving downtown Kansas City. After customers order online, the food is made to order and delivered in an average of 21 minutes. No truck. Not anywhere. But is it really THAT bad? We’ve already got street food restaurants (love Pho) and street food malls (love Trinity Kitchen in Trinity Leeds) so the lines are already blurred. Are ClusterTruck really so different? And with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat UK now creating their own “street food” brands to sell direct to a hungry public, we better get used to the idea. But thank goodness for the new bloods, competing all summer at the British and European Street Food Awards– discovering the new talent.