26 | Feb | 18

Richard Johnson

The Awards Are Open!

Street food is everywhere.

On the roof. Under the arches. In the shopping centre. And our appetite for it just keeps on growing.

It makes sense that we would all want to discover the good stuff.

Which is why the British Street Food Awards (and the European Street Food Awards) have never been more important – searching out the future.

So, ta da, this is a good time to declare Awards season officially open. Here is the full list of the British heats, with details of our big British and European finals to come next month. So make a note NOW:

BSFA Scottish Street Food Awards – May 4-6

BSFA South heats – May 26-28

BSFA Central heats – June 15-16

BSFA North heats – June 23-24

BSFA Welsh Street Food Awards – August 18-19

BSFA THE FINALS in London September 21/22

ESFA THE FINALS in Berlin September 28/29

The 2017 European Street Food Awards were, quite simply, a triumph of the human spirit. After a summer of national European Street Food finals (including heats in Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Ireland and Britain), the democratically-elected top traders from all across the continent travelled thousand of kilometres by air, land and sea to compete at Bite Club in Berlin. Yes, there were breakdowns on the way, run-ins with the police over broken tail-lights, a lost passport or two and a dropped phone — but it was worth the effort. The 2018 ESFA will be even better. And the journey starts right here….