11 | Sep | 17

Hugh Thomas

Make Us a Brew

Some people will tell you The North is the true beating heart of UK beer. They may have a point – Newcastle Brown Ale is iconic around the globe. Yorkshire Bitter, as a label, deserves as much recognition as the Cornish pasty or Cumberland sausage. And Sheffield’s penchant for cask puts it on the beer map as much as Munich or Bruges.

Look to Manchester and Cloudwater is, if you listen to Ratebeer, one of the 10 best breweries in the world; J.W. Lees has been brewing for 190 years – longer than any London brewery; and The Indy Man Beer Con, though due to clashing with the finals of the European Street Food Awards might provide a headache (or a very long weekend) for some, is often first on modern beer drinker’s calendar.

Either way, it’d be remiss to put on a the finals of the British Street Food Awards in Manchester without an emphatic nod to the breweries that make this great city – and the rest of The North – a wonderful place to drink as well as eat.

So at GRUB we’re not holding back. There will be 10 breweries serving across 52 different taps. Yes there’ll be Cloudwater. Yes there’ll be Magic Rock. Plus other local heroes like Runaway and Kirkstall. It’s all setting up to be the unholiest of matrimonies between good food and good beer.

If you’re not spitting feathers yet, here this – we’re kicking things up a notch with our ‘Mad Minute’ – a periodical 60-second taste-‘em-all, where traders and brewers offer free samples up to the public. All in the interest of everyone trying everything before they submit their vote for their favourite trader – and send them on to Europe. That’s right – this democratic street food shindig just got even MORE democratic.

Here’s that brewery line-up in full:

Magic Rock