26 | Jun | 17

Hugh Thomas

Safe European Home

This, ladies and gents, is an open letter. To us. The people of Europe. Here’s the thing – street food throughout our continent has a lot to shout about. Historically, sure. But now more than ever.

The Italians, for instance, have possibly the most interesting and diverse amalgam of street-side snacks, from rice balls to bread rolls with veal spleen; in Germany, there’s over 1,200 types of sausage, and a sausage market that’s twice the size of Britain’s; in Holland, people celebrate the King’s birthday with street food; Portugal has in the past couple of years started up its Street Food Association, and even in Britain — troubled as we are with travails of Brexit — we have our delicious pies.

Only question is, where does Europe stand? Have we got what it takes to rival the might of Asia? Can we hold our own against USA’s big guns?

We think there’s potential. Hosting the British Street Food Awards for going on seven years, and with the help from the British public, we’ve unearthed some real talent in the process. We’re busy doing it again in 2017. But we’ve only begun to explore what’s the other side of The Channel.

So we decided to expand things a bit. Raise the steaks. Open up the stage. Tell the USA to come get some. Call it the European Street Food Awards. And we’re already underway, with the Netherlands. And Spain. Others will follow over the summer. We’re about to announce Ireland. And Russia. Check this lot out:


In Paris

June 18


In Barcelona

July 8


In Mariefred

July 21-22


In Heilbronn

August 25-27


In Manchester

September 16-17


In Berlin

September 30/October 1

See what we’re getting at here?

Clearly this is a chance to come together. But it shouldn’t be a competition for competition’s sake. We’re talking about a sharing of ideas, a showcase of food in Europe, and a new appreciation for authentic, regional cuisine. If that doesn’t sound good to epicures around the continent – not to mention their respective tourist boards – then we’re not sure what will.