20 | Apr | 17

Richard Johnson

The Future Is Rosy

We all like guidelines — and with a summer of judging ahead of us (the British Street Food Awards PLUS the Europeans), we’ve been thinking about how judge everything from a steamed pudding to a tofu stir fry. But how about a cup of tea? What is ‘the optimum colour’? According to a poll conducted by Premier Inn, nearly half of Britain thought it was cup number three. Top right in the picture above. Do you agree? The British stereotype of being obsessed with tea still stands strong: as a nation, we consume 205 million cups of the stuff EVERY DAY! But the research also revealed other fun facts for your tea break:

1. The amount of tea Brits drink in a year would fill 50,000 swimming pools. FIFTY THOUSAND. (If you laid those swimming pools back to back they’d stretch for 1,250 km — the same distance from London to Vienna)
2. In London, every day we drink 25.9 million cups of tea – in a year that would be enough tea to fill up the Big Ben clock tower 500 times
3. On average people in Glasgow drink the most tea each day – 3.62 cups to be precise, and over a third (35%) drink at least five cups a day
4. Edinburgh is the city that’s most likely to opt for the strongest tea in our tea chart – one in seven said cup number one would be the perfect strength for them
5. A quarter of people in the UK drink at least five cups of tea every single day

And don’t even get us STARTED on coffee….