01 | Jan | 17

Richard Johnson

What’s A Sangwich?

Here at BSF we are students of the sandwich – running, as we do, the Best Sandwich category at the British Street Food Awards for seven years. And, still, we continue to obsess. So imagine our delight when we discovered a new sandwich. In fact – created on the sout side (no h) of Chicago – the classic Italian beef is a sangwich (no d). And a unique messy variation on the French Dip. It was created in the Italian neighbourhoods around the now defunct stockyards, and popularized by Pasquale Scala, a sout side butcher. In the Depression, his thinly sliced roast beef on a bun with juice and fried peppers sangwich became a Chicago staple. And now, thanks to Beefcake, London’s getting a taste. As part of the British Street Food Pub Takeover, you can find Beefcake down at the Marquis of Wellington in Bermondsey from January 20-22. Get yours dry, ladled with gravy, dipped or dunked. Just don’t miss out.