06 | Dec | 16

Richard Johnson

Up In My Grill?

The one thing better than street food in the winter? Street food in the winter served indoors. In a pub — or bar — in front of a roaring fire. With a bit of a quiz on a Tuesday. London is alive with street food residencies at the moment. Particular favourites are King & Co in Clapham. The Duke’s Head in Highgate. The Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow. And The Three Compasses in Dalston. Latest additions to the illustrious list are Zelman Drinks in Finsbury Park, host to Spit and Roast; The Marquis of Wellington in Bermondsey, host to a rotating line-up of British Street Food All Stars; and the Bloated Mallard in Hampton, where Up In My Grill are about to begin their British Street Food Pub Takeover. Yes — that’s Hampton. Taking the whole thing street food thing West. About time.

James Roach McGurn and Henry Sutton started Up In My Grill in late 2013 – inspired by British produce, Argentine flavours and a lust for fire. Having traded at various markets and events across London and Surrey they were picked up by Street Feast in 2015 and given a guest spot at Dalston Yard, the undisputed home of street food in the UK. Home of the finals of the British Street Food Awards in 2013. Following two successful weekends they traded at Model Market, Lewisham, for the rest of the summer and then started a project with chef Neil Rankin (judge at the finals of the British Street Food Awards in 2015) at Hawker House. UIMG’s ethos is to use the highest quality produce, cooked with simplicity and passion. Their steaks are cooked over charcoal and English wood – utilising fire as a deep and complex ingredient (not just a fuel). West London won’t know what’s hit it.