15 | Dec | 16

Hugh Thomas

All Creatures…

America – where everything’s bigger than it needs to be. Televisions. Advertising budgets. Health insurance plans.

So you can see where inspiration for the Almost Famous Wondertruck came from. It’s a 7.2 metre-long monster, with illuminated burger wings, a kitchen larger than a lot of restaurants’, and a less than hair-raising top speed of 62mph. Bolton Council simply called it ‘distinctive AF’. Fortunately they’ve got all the right dirty-fairground-meets-street-food burgers to back it all up.

Depending on the context you’re in, size is everything. Big OR small. A case in point: a tiny food van, the very antithesis of the Wondertruck, popped up in the USA’s friendly next-door neighbour Canada recently.

Ok, it was Emmi Fondu’s ploy to market their microwaveable cheese. A bit of a hard sell. Especially if you’re Canadian. Wondertruck, on the other hand, don’t have that problem, least of all in Manchester. Their American-style burgers went down pretty well at Manchester City FC’s welcome party for Pep Guardiola. Maybe the man himself went a bit head over heels for some of that Famous Sauce?

Here at British Street Food, we wanted to fit it into our street food mall in the sky — Trinity Kitchen. Unfortunately, it was too big for the lift. But we won’t be beaten. ‘The dirtiest, gooiest, most satisfying truck burger experience has been created,’ they say. And, naturally, we want some of that. Maybe we should get the truck to enter the 2017 British Street Food Awards? Watch this space….