01 | Oct | 16

Hugh Thomas

What Would Your Mom Say?

In about 98% of all situations, Mother knows best.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about street food. Then she’s rubbish.

‘Burger vans? Love them. All those frozen patties, plastic cutlery and polystyrene cups…..there’s just something about the smell of those diesel generators that reminds me of my childhood.’

She remembers a time when you went to a festival and alongside the main attractions you’d have a box trailer, stark white, with the words ‘Hot & Tasty’ on the frontage. And the only things that mattered – ‘cheese’, ‘egg’, ‘tea’, ‘bacon’, ‘burgers’, ‘jumbo’ – would be emblazoned across the sides. Sat by the till would be a 1.5 gallon (own brand) ketchup dispenser. Your only real choice was with onions or without.

Those trailers are still out there — but things are changing. We’ve been on Sunday Brunch to tell the world. We’ve been all over the Telegraph. We’re sponsored by the biggest music company in the world, for God’s sake. Surely everyone knows that things have moved on? No. Just ask your Mum. Ask her what street food really is. Ask her who eats it, and why. We’re not just picking on Mums here, by the way – Dads, Uncles, Aunts, and Godparents? Every bit as bad.

If ever you think this battle is won, ask around. Then you’ll see just how far we still have to go.