01 | Sep | 16

Richard Johnson

Word On The Street

Street food recipes. Seriously? Yes. I’ve committed a few to paper in my time — there’s this little lot for starters. And I wrote this column about the phenomenon in the Guardian, after Pizza Pilgrims, Pitt Cue, MEATliquor, Meringue Girls, Anna Mae’s, Gingers, Katie and Kim, The Bowler, Jabberwocky etc etc turned food publishing on its head. Street food traders never used to write their recipes down. No point, really. Measurements – such as they are – are more likely to be “pinches” and “handfuls” than grams and kilograms. And ingredients change according to what’s available at the market that morning and what’s left over in the van that night. But with street food officially a “hot trend”, more of the top traders are settling down to commit pen to paper. Here is the first in an occasional series from the stars of the 2016 British Street Food Awards. It’s Cheeky Burger (who won Best Burger at this year’s British Street Food Awards) with their Cheeky Tomato Ketchup. We make no apology for the fact that Sebastien’s recipe makes two litres of the stuff. Once you get a taste for it, you’ll understand why…

Cheeky Ketchup

Sauté 1kg of onion with 150g of garlic, 40 g of yellow and black mustard seeds, 15g of caraway seeds and 15 g of ginger powder. Add 20g of ground white pepper and 15g of celery salt. Add 1.5 kg of peeled diced tomatoes and 500g of white sugar.

Add 1 litre of cider vinegar and 500ml of red wine vinegar.

Reduce by half and add 300g of good quality tomato paste.
Cook another 30 minutes at low temperature

Blend it all together

Correct seasoning – we normally add 10 g of salt to finish.

It’s cheeky!