01 | Sep | 16

Hugh Thomas

Mirror, Mirror…

Traders have a certain yearning for Citroen H vans and converted horse trailers. Don’t ask us why. Because we’re still trying to figure that one out.

But we will give them one thing – when you’ve set yourself the task of selling food out the back of a vehicle not much bigger than a doormouse’s shoebox, you could do a lot lot worse.

Given the UK’s roadsides are now populated with converted ambulances, re-purposed Mr Whippies, and, for goodness sake, miniature locomotives (we’re looking at you Pizza Loco), it seems like a good idea to tip our hats to this lot for their efforts. It’s the least we can do, right?

Well, now’s your chance. Ladies and gents, bear witness to the world’s only street food beauty pageant. It’s full of shiny rims, curvaceous bumpers, and eyebrow-raising engine grilles.

Long story short, we’re asking you who deserves to be 2016’s best looking street food trader. Among the contenders, we have Alfie, the Bedford van who’s dished out over twenty tonnes of grilled cheese to Maltby Street market-goers, and is probably a lot lighter because of it. Then there’s Bessie, the petite ‘60s caravan and former BSF finalist who is, in her own right, a little slice of Kentish cuteness. And then there’s the genderless Allotment which, as the name suggests, bears resemblance to, well, a mobile allotment.

In case you’re wondering, it gets a tad more outlandish than this but… what’s that? You want to see full list? Well why didn’t you say? Here it is. Just make sure you vote before winners are announced at the finals weekend on the 17/18th of September.