01 | Sep | 16

Richard Johnson

Greatest British Menu

Your menu for this weekend’s British Street Food Awards, ladies and gentlemen. It is, quite simply, the best street food menu ever laid before the people of Britain. Try as much as you can — share it with friends. Don’t eat it all. Nobody would be food enough to do that — apart from the judges. From 11am onwards, on the morning of Sunday September 18, they (check out our esteemed panel here) will be brought tiny tasting plates of the extraordinary dishes at five-minute intervals. To do such wonderful food justice, they have been advised to skip breakfast on the Sunday morning. And the Saturday. To be honest, the Friday wouldn’t hurt either. But after five regional heats, this is the menu. Who will YOU vote for? Category winners declared at 2pm, with the overall Best of the Best (plus YOUR vote — the People’s Choice) declared at 4pm. Here we go (lifts cloche):


Well Hung 11.15
Short rib bon bons

Cheeky Indian 11.17
Pakora Poppers
Trio of our favourite ‘pakora bhajis’ freshly cooked and served just like they do on the streets of Kolkata, drizzled over with a bit of homemade Hot & Sweet sauce…

Dosa Deli 11.19
Bhaji Bhaji Bowl
Pav bhaji masala served with crispy onion bhajis

The Breakfast Club 11.21
Huevos Al Benny
Poached eggs, chorizo, roasted pepper, avocado, fresh chillies & hollandaise

Dim Sum Su 11.23
Chicken Leek and Chinese Mushroom Dumplings

Broughgammon Farm 11.25
Goat offal and chorizo taco

Smokin’ Lotus 11.27
Slow smoked beef short rib with a chili hoisin dressing


Baked In Brick 11.29
Shire meadows beef shin ragu and wild mushroom calzone, Colston Bassett blue cheese dip.

Shoot The Bull 11.31
36hr Cooked Lamb Breast, Moroccan Style Cous Cous, Courgette, Cucumber & Mint Salad, Yoghurt

Well Hung 11.33
30-day hung flat iron steak seasoned with thyme and oregano on a bed of slow roast peppers, rocket, potato hash, chimichuri and free range egg

Man Meat Fire 11.35
Sharing Platter
Signature beef short rib, Carolina chopped pork, freshly smoked bratwurst sausage, jalapeño hot wings, frickles, cotija corn, house slaw

Buddha Belly 11.37
Marinated Crispy Thai Chicken
This was Sai’s grandfathers recipe. He used to cook chicken the old fashioned way, with a tin can in its cavity and under hay. The result is the most incredibly moist chicken you’ve ever tasted. The meat is marinated in garlic, salt, pepper, coriander, soy sauce and a few secrets. “When we were young my mum started coating the chicken in a crispy batter for us as a treat” says Sai. “The batter uses a mix of flour, rice flour and gram flour to give it a unique colour and texture.”


Pheasant’s Hill Farm 11.39
There’s A Pig In The Orchard Burger
Pheasants’ Hill Farm pork and wild sage burger, caramelised Armagh Apple slices, Clonakilty black pudding crumb, homemade whole grain mustard. The farm’s pigs eat apples from the orchard in Autumn and it gives the pork a distinct sweet taste. This gave the inspiration for the dish, showcasing how beautiful Irish produce is in Autumn.

Cheeky Burger 11.41
BSF Cheeky special
UK-sourced grass fed beef hand formed and hand pressed patty (chuck, rib, brisket and bone marrow), Comte cheese, confit onion and rosemary compote, grilled smoked applewood bacon, homemade garlic aioli, homemade ketchup, pickle, served on toasted bun

Smokin’ Lotus 11.43
The Burger
Pork and smoked prawn patty, chili sesame dressing, spring onions, coriander, cucumber, homemade pickles and crushed peanuts

Eat The Farm 11.45
Dirty Cow Burger
Steak patty, melted Kentish Blue Cheese, Red Onion Chutney, ‘Dirty’ Sauce, in a toasted Brioche Bun with shredded Lettuce.

Pheasant’s Hill Farm 11.47
A Pig In Spain Burger
Pheasants’ Hill Farm pork, paprika and chilli burger, smoked pimenton aioli, rocket.

Cheeky Burger 11.49
Our Classic Hot Daddy
UK-sourced grass fed beef hand formed patty (chuck, rib, brisket and bone marrow), Monterey Jack chilli cheese, homemade hot daddy smoky chipotle sauce, cheeky smoky mayo, shredded lettuce, homemade ketchup, pickle, tomato, homemade jalapeños relish, served on toasted bun

Eat The Farm 11.51
Horny Cow Burger
Steak patty, trompette mushrooms, melted Kentish blue cheese, bearnaise sauce, in a toasted brioche bun.

The Breakfast Club 11.53
Mr Big Chicken
Fried buttermilk chicken, smoked paprika and melted cheese, mayo, American mustard, piri-piri, guacamole, sweet potato fries (in the bun) and crispy onions in a toasted brioche bun. Filth!


Broughgammon Farm 11.55
Goat escalope steak sandwich

Dim Sum Su 11.57
Belly Pork Gau Bao done to an authentic Chinese recipe.

Le Bao 11.59
Bao with braised pork belly, mirin cucumbers, coriander, sweet powdered peanuts, and chili

Le Bao 12.00
Soy milk and rice flour bun, crispy chicken thigh, homemade fermented creamy gochujang, black sesame seeds and spring onions.

Café Mor 12.01
Fresh mackerel rolls with homemade pickles and seaweed butter.

Baked in Brick 12.03
BBQ chicken tikka, served in a freshly baked flat bread with a mango and pomegranate lime and coriander salsa.

Shoot The Bull 12.05
Signature Steak Sandwich
Flat iron steak, toasted brioche, rocket, signature steak butter

Café Mor 12.07
The Best Lobster Roll in the World
Pembrokeshire Lobster cooked slowly in seaweed butter and a dash of lemon served in a little toasted brioche roll


Cheeky Indian 12.09
Paneer Package
Diced paneer, mixed peppers and onion sauteed and drenched in our Cheeky spiced BBQ sauce. Served with minted yoghurt and our hot dressing…

Buddha Belly 12.11
Thai Vegan Yellow Curry Originating from Southern Thailand, this curry is beloved by the most carnivorous of meat eaters. Warming, hearty and healthy. Sai uses squash, bamboo shoots, cauliflower, broccoli and courgette combined with the highest quality Thai coconut milk, cumin, coriander seeds, tumeric and a little chilli.

Dosa Deli 12.13
Chilli Cheese Dosa
A stuffed dosa with a spiced paneer cheese, tomato & roasted channa dhal chutney, fresh red onions and tamarind apple and date chutney. Served with a coconut chutney and a side of Bombay bhel salad (a crunchy puffed rice, cucumber, onion and tamarind sauce salad)


Man Meat Fire 12.15
Fallen Angel Cake
Rich dark chocolate flourless cake with small batch bourbon soaked cherry

Cracking Nuts 12.17
Hot cashews roasted with cinnamon and vanilla served on top of warm homemade salted caramel with fresh creamy vanilla ice cream

Cracking Nuts 12.19
Freshly made peanut butter ice cream topped with gooey caramel and chocolate shavings