07 | Sep | 16

Hugh Thomas

Brunch of Champions

Ever wonder what’s at stake for street food traders? They’ve got a great idea – maybe the best they’ve ever had. So they save up for a few years, quit the nine-to-five and invent a food business out of thin air. Hope someone likes it. Hope someone else likes it. Maybe, if the planets align, break even after a year or two.

But how about if they’re lucky enough to be reviewed by an important food critic? Or they get invited onto an influential television programme? For a trader, those are the sorts of things that say ‘We made it’. And for everyone else, the street food revolution gets that much more real.

Okay, we can’t hold it in any longer – we’re going to have three British Street Food Award finalists appear on September 11’s Sunday Brunch — on Channel 4 — in the lead up to the Big Day. In a car park on a London rooftop, where they’ll cook up the dishes they’ve got lined up for the September 17/18 finals.

Oh, and we’ll take a bottle of our new street food beer for company. One of the things that traders have to battle with — every day — is the fact that they might have the best food in the world but, if no one knows about it, what the heck does it matter? Stick ‘em on the telly, however, and that could all change. Please watch!