09 | Aug | 16

Richard Johnson

Big Just Got Bigger

You’ve heard the news, haven’t you? Just when we thought Street Feast might be stealing the London limelight, other bigtime market organisers KERB go and unveil the UK’s biggest street food setup yet.

One market. 35 traders. 364 days a year. That’s how it’s going to go down. Camden has never had it this good.

The place was getting run down. Full of Dutch students with a Rough Guide from the 1980s, looking disappointed at the vats of warmed-over food cooked off site. Now? well there’s a troop of award-winning BSF alumni in the house – keep your eyes peeled for Crabbieshack’s Hythe Bay crab roll, with anise butter, avocado, and chipotle. And The Mac Factory’s Super Mario of sautéed portabellos, truffle oil, and oven roast garlic. Or Luardos’ 12-inch burritos, in all their habanero hot sauce, fresh tomato salsa, and slow-cooked pork carnita glory.

The opening party kicks off this Friday. And with big market plans going down elsewhere in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, it’s an exciting time for street food.