07 | Jul | 16

Richard Johnson

Street Food Ahoy!

The best looking street food set-up ever? Maybe. We’ve had vans, trucks and trailers before but a street food boat? Never. Café Mor (winner of the British Street Food Awards at Harvest in 2011 and all sorts since) have come up with a real game changer. “We had always wanted a fishing boat to sell our fantastic seafood from” says Jonathan, “and saw a lovely old-timer on Ebay.” After a year-and-a-half of designing and building, Josie June (named after Jonathan’s daughter) is finally ready for launch at Foodies Festival in Blackheath this Saturday and Sunday. Expect lobster pot speakers for the sound system, and a Pembrokeshire menu that showcases the very best of the sea. “Plus there are 720 species of seaweed in the UK — and we’re on a quest to cook with them all!” he says. Be warned!