09 | Jun | 16

Richard Johnson

Secret Ingredient?

Thanks to street food, we’re starting to discover the variety and depth of Asian cooking. Take John Wallace from Wallace And Sons. He was a high-end restaurant chef for 12 years, working 80 hours a week. Since he’s taken his bao and gyoza to the streets, life has changed. “I get to meet people who aren’t chefs, and I can watch my kid grow up. Don’t get me wrong — I still work hard. But it’s on my own terms. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.” John’s secret ingredient? Kimchi juice — the juice left at the bottom of the bag of dumplings. “Priceless” says John. “Bright red, garlic and ginger flavoured. Salty, sweet and I put it on everything. It’s a massive perk of making large amounts of kimchi!” He’ll been putting his juice on the line when he competes with the best of Scotland and the North in the British Street Food Awards heat in Leeds on June 25/26. We will make sure he isn’t parked on a slope — wouldn’t want to lose all that juice.