07 | Jun | 16

Richard Johnson

Crema Da Crop

Every street food trader has a story or two. And Crema Caravan (who are competing in the Scotland and the North heat of the 2015 British Street Food Awards at the end of the month in Leeds) are no exception. “There was the time we drove from Abu Dhabi to Dubai with Dong Bangwok and Mike Manjit’s in a dodgy rental car. With the boot sellotaped shut. It wouldn’t close and we needed to save Dong’s suitcase of tamarind….When the valet at the swanky hotel went to unload our bags he must have thought we were bonkers!” The rest of the stories from that trip are un-printable…so we’ll have to make do with that one for now. After winning the Best Dessert in the 2015 Awards, the couple from Scotland want to go one better and win the Best of the Best this year. Their top tip? Simplicity. “Keep it simple and your produce will do the talking!”. We’ll see about that….