20 | May | 16

Hugh Thomas

Hole In The Wall

Say the word ‘charity’ and we think of plastic collection buckets, branded t-shirts, and well-rehearsed spiels on the general plight of any given demographic. The last things that enter the mind are doughnuts and a certain popular chocolate hazelnut spread.

Well, during the past couple of weeks, Krispy Kreme have done their bit in getting humanity back on its feet. And yes, it involves an ATM that dispenses their new Nutella-filled doughnuts. As all proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust, we can’t really call it a gimmick without the appropriate moral ramifications, nor can we berate the £2 charge for each portion – more, you must understand, than the going rate of your usual Krispy Kreme.

While Krispy Kreme’s ‘Hole in the Wall’ – which is literally just that – only accepts contactless cards, the system suggests fast food catering is going in the direction of humanless as well. If you need any more evidence, look at what Wendy’s are doing in the US.

Words by Hugh, a food writer/journalist and professional glutton. He tweets @hughwrites