17 | May | 16

Hugh Thomas

Incredible Edible

A show of hands – how many of you like the idea of cutlery that you can eat once you’re done with it? It’s not exactly something new (go swallow some verrines, if it’s your thing), but one brand by the name of Bakeys has, in the last few months, done their bit in bringing the concept to public attention. I reckon the news will be more welcome among the seagull community, whose many members have fallen victim to benign disposable party tableware in the past seventy years.

Guys, gals, and gulls will be glad to hear Bakeys’ cutlery is nothing more than rice, wheat, water, and jowar (a type of grain) that biodegrades if you don’t fancy chowing it down with your supper. While flavours include plain, savoury, and sweet (doubt it’ll be as sweet as the general idea), I don’t know what self-respecting chef would want an uninvited flavour to their dish – as well-meaning as it is, the utensil becomes another ingredient. So I ask again. Who likes the idea of cutlery you can eat when you’re done with it?

Words by Hugh, a food writer/journalist and professional glutton. He tweets @hughwrites